Eredivisie Shirt Festival

The Eredivisie Shirt Festival was a campaign revolving around the best Eredivisie shirt. I was asked to digitally re-create all the 1754 shirts that have been worn since the start of the competition in 1956. Together with a small team of designers that I managed we successfully completed this project in around 1,5 month. The shirts were displayed on a campaign website launched by the Eredivisie.

In total the website gained over 1,1 million pageviews from 149 different countries which lead to 674.175 likes and over 160.000 votes on the shirts. The campaign was featured on both international and Dutch news channel, tv-shows, radio shows and websites. The shirts were also featured in a special edition of football magazine SANTOS. After all the votes and a jury discussion the shirt worn by Willem II between 1958-1967 was chosen as best ever Eredivisie shirt.


Triple Double & Eredivisie