I took School of Motion’s Design Bootcamp course which is a 9-week program that teaches how to put design theory into action and focusses on how still design can be the starting point for Motion Design. The program was really fun and improved me as a designer.

Personal project (Student)


In the first week we were asked to create a transition for Twitch from event footage to an overlay. The focus was on keeping in mind the Twitch brand & the hierarchy in the text.

The second assignment continued the focus on typography & composition. We were asked to create an intro sequence for the show Tokyo Throwdown in which teams of breakdancers compete.

Expedition 100: Mission to Mars is a series by NASA. The focus of this week was on value structure & composition and creating a coherent look over different frames. I also learned to create UI Elements.

Next up was the Diesel Music Festival. In this week the focus was on art direction & showing the transition from frame to frame. This all in a way that both represent the Diesel brand as well as bringing across the EDM vibe.

12KM is a short horror film, our task was to create a title and end frame for the trailer and and to show how they’d transition into the footage.

Footage provided courtesy of “12 Kilometers” by its Director, Mike Pecci. Visit 12kilometers.com for more info on the film.

The Everlearn.io assignment was to try a story visually & minimalistic. Supported by a voice-over these boards tell about the rising debt for college grands and how Everlearn is the new and modern solution for that.

In 1960, the average college grad had $4000 in student debt.

Today, that number is 10X higher

with some owing more than $200,000.

We think learning shouldn’t be a luxury.

Go to everlearn.io…

…to find out more about the New Education.

The Converse assignment introduced me to the basics of Cinema4D and learned me how to render out a logo in 3D. This was used in a set of boards that reveal the converse logo & match the brand.

IBM SmartCity was one of the roughest assignments, it is a explainer video for the concept of SmartCity. We were provided with loads of Illustrations by Brian Michael Gossett and were asked to create boards that tell the story. We were free to work within the wide colour palette that IBM has available. I used the difference in colours & detail to show how the concept could improve the city.

Today’s cities have populations they were not designed to support.

and this causes…

… grid-lock on the roads.

A lack of affordable housing.

And, high energy costs.

At IBM, we’re good at solving problems.


So we came up with a solution.



Traffic lights that talk to cars and buses to optimize traffic.

Multi-use buildings designed to keep housing affordable.

An on-demand-grid intelligently providing power only when needed.

We’re working towards…

… a safer, more efficient, more connected city.

A smarter city.

Intrigued? Find out more at IBM.com/smartcity

The last assignment is one by Premium Beat. In this assignment we had to create boards for a 30 seconds brand spot in which we had to combine all previous lessons into the art direction of this spot. The hardest part was how we had to transform the feeling of audio into visuals and make a good match between them.

The right song…

is powerfull

(transition frame)

It excites you.

It transports you.

And it moves you…

(transition frame)

In ways that images alone..

…just can’t.

We think that the perfect song

Should be a pleasure to discover..

to sample..

…and to use as the soundtrack to YOUR story.

We think THAT experience should be..

well, Premium.

Because the RIGHT song makes all the difference

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This work was created as homework assignment for the Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative and created for educational purposes. Images have been graciously provided by Shutterstock for use in the creation of course content and exercises. Visit them at shutterstock.com